Affiliated Facilities Administration Division

Kii-Kuroshio Bio-regional Field Science Center

Farm Station

The experimental farm is located about 9.5km northwest from the main campus of the university.The total area of the farm is 35ha including fields for rice, crops, vegetables, pastures and orchards. There are several greenhouses for some vegetables and flowers, and facilities for cattle and experimental ruminant animals.There are also facilities for the study of processing of agricultural products. These field,animal,and crop processing facilities are being utilized by both research staff for field science and for laboratory studies, and by faculty staff who are responsible for the farming of undergraduate students.

Forest Station

The experimental forest, acout 457ha in area, is located about 60km southwest of the university. Natural forests, about 60 percent in area, represent the typical plant ecosystem in the northern parts of the Kii Peninsula. Forests and the lodging house are open to the public and used widely for research and education.

Fisheries ResearchLaboratory

The laboratory provides appropriate facilities for students to learn techniques of fishery science and marine biology. The major research lines in progress, such as ichthyology, aquaculture of marine fish, invertebrates and algae, and fish physiology, are conducted by the laboratory and faculty staff, and graduate students.

Training Ship "SEISUI MARU"

Training Ship "SEISUI MARU"

The ship provides educational and research facilities for student practice and research activities of both the faculty staff and students. In January 2009, it was built, and equipped with new electric nautical marine research instruments.