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This major aims at the development of basic abilities of professional engineers and researchers, equipped with advanced theory and techniques related to bioresources production and conservation of the natural environment, with special attention to the coexistence between human activities and the nature. Our main research and educational concerns are: (1) advanced theory and techniques related to measurement and analysis of air, soil, water, living organisms and ecosystems, and the use of such environmental information for production and disaster prevention, (2) advanced theory and techniques related to analysis and evaluation of multi-sided functions of farms, forests, rivers and oceans, and efficient use of these functions; and (3) advanced theory and techniques related to systems of production, processing and use of bioresources, with special consideration for the conservation of the natural environment.


Regional Conservation Engineering

This course aims to teach and research on the conservation of natural environments and the creation of wealthy rural environments. We teach advanced theory and techniques needed for the proper use of water, soil and atmosphere in rural areas in relation with natural and human activities, for the planning, production and conservation in rural environments, for the development, construction and management of facilities, and for disaster prevention.

Environment Oriented Information and Systems Engineering

This course teaches and conducts research on measurements and control of environmental information based on information technology and systems engineering as a method of study in addition to biological and ecological knowledge, in order to maintain the coexistence between humans and other living creatures, and to insure a sustainable development of the mankind. In other words, this course is intended to provide expertise on improving environment conditions related to various kinds of plants and coexisting technology, as well as on the production and processing of bioresources with low technological impacts on the environments using high precision handling of the environmental information.

Forest Resources and the Environment

For the purpose of making full use of various functions of forests as material and environmental resources, this course is intended to teach and research on comprehensive and professional theory and technology related to forests. This includes such topics as forest ecosystems, tree physiology, sustainable control and management of forests, their social roles, conservation of soil and water, evaluation of scenery, and measurement of health effects. Moreover, highly functional, effective, and sustainable use of forest resources is considered from the low to the high levels of the biological organization.

Geosystem Science

Deepening the basic knowledge about the structure and the interrelationships among the fundamental elements of the global ecosystem, i.e., atmosphere, ocean and land, is the main object of our educational and research programs. This is made through keen observation, analysis and modeling of data from various sources, time and spatial scales, such as station (land or ship) data, satellite (optical and radar) data, computer simulated data, etc. Our final goal is to produce talented scientists, loaded with a high level of technical capability, with the ability to effectively and positively contribute to sustainable development and management of the earthfs natural environment at both the regional and global scales.

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