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For the development of the human society to be sustainable, it is necessary to carefully manage the benefits provided by the nature. We have therefore, by continuous efforts for a balanced coexistence with the nature, to ensure that the cost we put upon the natural environment is as small as possible. However, it sometimes happens that the nature itself imposes some huge stress onto the human society in the form of natural disasters, for which prevention and mitigation strategies have to be devised and implemented.In this domain, research and education activities are conducted in order to provide a solid basis in physical, biological, chemical and social sciences, so as to effectively deal with the challenging problems related to the conservation of the natural and the living environments, the prevention of natural disasters and the mitigation of their effects, as well as the sustainable use of natural resources and the development of appropriate technology to respond to these needs.


Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development

Protecting the natural as well as the life-sustaining environment which includes production activities by the human, and devising strategies for protecting the human society from the effects of natural disasters, are the main objectives of research and education in this domain. In order to realize this, the natural environmental system is monitored and analyzed with special attention to its manifold functionalities, while the mechanism of changes within it is investigated. Moreover, we are involved in research on the prediction of natural disasters, the response to them when they happen, the mitigation of their effects as well as the development of appropriate technologies to deal with them in terms of their management and mitigation.

Frontier Science in Environmental Studies

The major research focus of this course is to contribute to the building of a safe and sustainable society upon which coming generations can rely. Research and education encompass the following topics: 1) research and development about new sustainable materials as well as about the sustainable utilization of bioresources, taking into consideration the global environment, 2) planning, design and management of land, forest and water resources for use and development, in compatibility with the conservation and the restoration of the natural environment, and 3) using measurement and evaluation technology, development of fundamental theory and basic technology for life supporting systems with special concern to our load onto the global environment.

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