November 10-14, 2003
Ise-Shima, JAPAN




Ise Grand Shrine, with its two-thousand year history, is Japan's most important Shinto shrine and serves as the center of all shrines nationwide.
Situated near the banks of the Isuzu River, the shrine is surrounded by 800-year-old Ise Grand Shrine cedars.
The smooth pebble-lined approach to the shrine lends the site a majestic air.
Ise Grand Shrine consists of the Outer Shrine and Inner Shrine.
The sanctuary of the Inner Shrine is built in the oldest of Japan's sacred architectural styles, "Yuiitsushinmei-zukuri." Amaterasu-Omikami, the Sun Goddess who is enshrined in the Inner Shrine, is considered to be the earliest ancestor of the Japanese Imperial family.
Enshrined in the Outer Shrine is Toyouke-no-omikami the guardian deity for the food provided to the Sun Goddess.


Another pleasure to go on a pilgrimage to the Ise Grand Shrine is to walk around Oharai-machi, where a lot of old established stores selling well-known excellentric cakes, restaurants and souvenir shops stand along the street.
In addition, you should visit the Okage-yokocho, a tiny section of streets and stores with old-time appearance. Oharai-machi and Okage-yokocho modeled on those of the Edo period create a pleasant atmosphere.


Near the Inner Shrine is a restored section of town which offers a fascinating toste of the atmosphere of Ise piligrimages during the Edo Period(1600-1868).
Here you can visit shops and restaurants looking as they appeared long ago, you can also visit the Sangu Rekishikan / Okagae-za museum to learn about the tradition of the Ise pilgrimages.

Lady's Program

We will have lady's program as follows.
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• November 11
Kyoto Tour (7:30AM~20:00PM)
Train fare 8,640yen (Adult) 4,320yen (Child 6-11 yrs.)
Tour Fare (tour bus)
5,300yen (Adult) 4,300yen (Child 6-11 yrs.)
Total 13,940 yen (Adult) 8,620 yen (Child 6-11 yrs.)
• November 12
Shima Tour
Toba Aquarium
Entrance Fees Adult 2,400 yen
Child (Elementary, Middle School Student) 1,200 yen
Infant (3 and above) 600 yen
Mikimoto Pearl Island
Entrance Fees Adult 1,500 yen, Child (Elementary, Middle School Student) 750 yen