Bachelor's program

Course of Biology for Agriculture and Forestry

This course offers many opportunities to study on various approaches for exploitation of bioresources such as substances useful for food etc. through thorough studying of mechanism of organisms such as crops, animals, trees & micro-organisms and their relationship with the surrounding environment and also about the biodiversity. Based on that, specialized expert knowledge and practical skills that enables new sustainable productions in communities to be acquired.

Earth System Science

This course offers opportunities to learn on conjugation of human activities with the causes of changes in the global environment, such as climate changes and extreme weather events occur in the atmosphere, ocean, soil, vegetation, inland waters, and in the biosphere. And also ecological type smart biological production technology sciences can be acquired.

Applied Biological Chemistry and Biotechnology Course

In this course, it can provide all to acquire higher thinking ability and wide-ranged knowledge on lives, health and food through the development of animal and plant functional foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc. and development of methods for effective utilization of under-utilized materials, and structure and function of natural substances relating to biological responses & mechanisms.


Agrobiology program

Forest Science Program


Biological and Environmental Engineering

Global Environment


Biochemistry and Biotechnology Program

Marine Biotechnology Program

International Resources & Development Course

In this course, students can acquire the specialized expert knowledge and practical skills that can play an active role in global society by studying various approaches for exploitation of bioresources for the production & circulation of food and exploitation of utilizable materials in Japan & Asia from international perspectives through lectures in English and overseas studies. (A special course in English for the improvement of language proficiency is offered throughout the year.)

Rural and Environmental Design

This course offers opportunities to learn about the essential biological fundamentals for the utilization of natural energy and stable supply of food by thinking towards the constructing of a recycling-oriented society, which can be corresponding to the environment & climate changes. In this course, students also can study on major restoration and conservation technologies for local climate and environment.

Marine Biological Science Course

In this course, by studying on the procedures of resource management such as protection & conservation of the marine environment, multiple functions of marine ecology, production maintenance & breeding of fishes and shellfishes, it can provide all to acquire knowledge and tenacious thinking ability on management and conservation of marine resources.


Rural Development Program

International Resources Science Program


Environment and Sustainability

Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Enginnering


Aquaculture Science Program

Marine and Fisheries Sciences Program